Voices of Innovation: Mukhtar Ibrahim / Sahan Journal


Immigrant communities seem to receive news coverage only when a story is trending. Most media coverage is reactionary, with reporters descending on communities following high-profile political victories, crimes, or other breaking news. There isn’t a single news outlet dedicated to letting the stories of immigrants speak for themselves -- until now. Mukhtar Ibrahim, Founder and Executive Editor of Sahan Journal, shares his vision for a new storytelling process for Minnesota’s immigrant communities.

Meet Mukhtar at Demo Day on Monday, June 24. RSVP here.

Voices of Innovation is a shortform audio project diving into the stories of three companies participating in Glen Nelson Center’s Ventures in Residence program -- what they do, how they do it, and most importantly, why they do it. Voices of Innovation is produced and hosted by Camille Galles, a Marketing Fellow at Glen Nelson Center. Visual art is by Debbie Aderinkomi.