Voices of Innovation: Melissa Kjolsing, Recovree


When someone receives hospital treatment, it’s standard to expect some type of follow-up care. Maybe it’s another doctor’s appointment, a prescription, or even a list of recommended dietary guidelines. A recovery plan is common practice for almost every diagnosis -- except substance use disorder. Melissa Kjolsing, founder and CEO of Recovree, explains how she’s driven to build a support system for people recovering from one of the most isolating health conditions in America.

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Voices of Innovation is a shortform audio project diving into the stories of three companies participating in Glen Nelson Center’s Ventures in Residence program -- what they do, how they do it, and most importantly, why they do it. Voices of Innovation is produced and hosted by Camille Galles, a Marketing Fellow at Glen Nelson Center. Visual art is by Debbie Aderinkomi.