Voices of Innovation: Kate Downing Khaled / Imagine Deliver


What do diversity and inclusion practices look like at your workplace? For many organizations, diversity and inclusion work is relegated to the planning process, or explained in a one-off presentation, or distributed to employees in a manual that few people read. Kate Downing Khaled, Founder and Executive Director of service design and strategy consulting firm Imagine Deliver, believes that companies need to take risks to build diverse teams that attract and retain top talent. On Voices of Innovation, Kate explains why Imagine Deliver is expanding its services to help organizations transform human and talent systems — both for increased profit, and increased good.

Meet Kate at Demo Day on Monday, June 24. RSVP here.

Voices of Innovation is a shortform audio project diving into the stories of three companies participating in Glen Nelson Center’s Ventures in Residence program -- what they do, how they do it, and most importantly, why they do it. Voices of Innovation is produced and hosted by Camille Galles, a Marketing Fellow at Glen Nelson Center. Visual art is by Debbie Aderinkomi.